Naturally Maintain, Soothe, and Restore Dry, Itchy, Sensitive Skin with CapriClear 100% Fractionated Coconut Oil Spray

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My skin is dry, a little flaky at times. I use CapriClear® daily; it makes my skin feel youthful and look more attractive. It also provides me with a nice skin tone, without the use of any cosmetics. It doesn´t stain your clothes. It smells refreshing. There are no negatives about this product. I highly endorse CapriClear®.
-- S. Lowe (male)


I have dry, itchy areas of my skin, particularly my knees, which had wrinkles. I used other products but my skin did not respond as effectively as it did with CapriClear®. I´ve achieved excellent results using this product—it softened my skin, made wrinkles less visible. My knees now look smooth-- something I was not able to achieve with other products. 
-- G. Becagli (female)


I use CapriClear® for my young daughter, who has sensitive, itchy and sometimes blotchy skin. After trying several other products, CapriClear® is the only product that gives my daughter relief. The spray is a fantastic innovation; I can apply it to my daughter quickly and evenly, to the exact areas that need treatment. 
-- M. Yeomanson (female)


I was amazed at my skin´s fast absorption of CapriClear®— unlike messy creams, it never leaves stains on my clothes. I use it after my bath and it seems to "lock in" the moisture and restored my skin, leaving it feeling silky. It feels very light on my skin, not like a heavy cream at all. I love the spray bottle— it permits a thin, even coverage and the product lasts a long time. 
-- Y.H., R.N. (female)



















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